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If you are a Vocal Coach and are looking for new students then we here at BrandTec Web Design believe we have the solution for you.

Dynamic Mobile-Responsive Websites!

Have you thought about a website?

Or, if you already have one, is it out-dated?

Well, don’t worry about a thing.  We here at BrandTec Web Design have a low-cost solution for you.

Priced at an amazingly affordable £199, our revolutionary websites are designed with the latest Google Bootstrap technology which means that it is designed to adapt to whatever device your visitors use to interact with it.

If they visit you via a smartphone then BOOM!  It transforms to act and look like an app.

If they visit you via a desktop computer then BAM!  It transforms into a traditional website.

Think of it less as a website and more of a “SMART SITE

And we can go ahead and design one for your business for only £199.

The world is changing and at BrandTec Web Design we are ahead of the curve.  The traditional use of a website has changed.  In the past, it was the home of your business online.  If customers wanted to interact with you online, it was your website where they would do that.

But, things have changed.

Big time.

Now, a website, especially for small businesses, need to quickly convey your message and direct a visitor to a social media channel that they are comfortable with.

BrandTec Website is custom-built specifically with your business in mind.  We provide easy to understand marketing strategies that you will be able to use to promote your business.

At BrandTec we can build you a responsive mobile-ready website that makes it easy for your potential customers to interact with you.

All for the one-off price of £199

And you just don’t get a website for that. Oh no, you get much much more!  Here’s a list…

  • FREE Business Cards (We will design and print 250 professional business cards for your business)
  • FREE Domain Name (A custom domain name of your choosing)
  • FREE 12 Month Hosting (12 months no hassle FREE hosting.)
  • FREE Social Media Set-Up And Design (We will design professional headers for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn)
  • FREE Social Media Adverts (In order to get you started, we will design 3 internet adverts for you to distribute throughout your social media channels)

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